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KNOW Better Sweetener

We've long been fans of allulose at KNOW Foods, and now we're making it easy for you to use it in your own kitchens with KNOW Better Sweetener.

KNOW Better Sweetener is 100% powdered allulose, a great-tasting, natural, non-GMO simple sugar found in common foods like maple syrup, figs, and raisins. Allulose has all of the taste and texture of typical granulated sugar, but – here’s the cool part – it is not metabolized by the body as a source of energy. 

What does that mean? The short story is that allulose looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, and, when you’re cooking or baking, behaves like sugar, but it has no impact on blood sugar or insulin, and it has only 10 percent of the caloric impact as table sugar.  

Want to learn more? Read all about allulose here.

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1 (16-ounce) bag powdered allulose

  • KNOW Better Sweetener can be stored at room temperature in your pantry.

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