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About us

KNOW Foods Breakfast Products and Recipes

KNOW Foods gives you the freedom to eat, free from sugar spikes, free from allergens, and free from compromise. You can love all of your favorite foods again, from breakfast to dinner — and every snack in between.

Once you KNOW better, you can eat better, feel better, and live better.

We envision KNOW as a bridge between typical junk food to whole foods like nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. We aim to help curious eaters transition from standard supermarket fare filled with mystery ingredients to a real food diet.

KNOW crafts alternatives that are better for you, yet still delicious — and they still satisfy that same craving as traditional cookies, breads and more. Our grain-free, superfood-packed products complement all lifestyles, whether you’re experimenting with Keto or Paleo, or just want to clean up your snack routine.  

And because our foods have low to zero impact on blood sugar and insulin, they’re great for diabetics and anyone who needs to keep a close eye on their metabolism. 

KNOW Better Sweetener in Jar
Our secret ingredient?

Well, it isn’t so secret. All of our baked goods and chocolate are sweetened with allulose, a natural, non-GMO sweetener that is not metabolized by the body. That is itself pretty, er, sweet, but the best part about allulose is that it tastes just like ordinary sugar. This means our foods have all the great flavor and texture of your favorite treats — without the dreaded sugar crash.

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What we offer

Today, our product line consists of everything from cookies and cake mix to grain-free bread. Our waffles consistently get raves, and our newest product is KNOW Better Sweetener — a.k.a. our "secret" ingredient, allulose — packaged and ready for you to bring into your kitchen for baking experiments, sweetening coffee and whatever else you can dream up.

And we’ve got some more plans up our sleeves. Our R&D kitchen is constantly hard at work figuring out how to make the next great thing. There’s always better to come. 

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KNOW at home

We KNOW our products alone can't feed you and your family. That's why we've started developing a collection of recipes for all lifestyles, along with a blog that covers topics ranging from cooking tips to our favorite exercise routines.

Many of our recipes use our products as ingredients, while others can be made and served right alongside. Our recipes are a mix of super-quick weeknight dishes, slightly more elaborate entertaining fare, and epic (and otherwise) baking projects that'll truly bring the wow to your table. Keep checking back in for new recipes every week.

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Be in the KNOW when you read our blog

Don't want to just take our word for it? No biggie. Take a peek at some of the press and reviews we've gathered since we first started selling our products.

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