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Eat BETTER on Keto

(Yes, really.)

KNOW Better Foods are made with nuts and seeds instead of grains and gluten, so they’re high fat and low carb. But there’s one thing on our label that might be confusing: sugar. If you’re on Keto, you probably avoid sugar at all costs. So you might look at the nutrition facts on a KNOW Better Cookie, see a whole bunch of sugar, and freak out. 

The answer is simple.
One word:


It's a
"Sugar-Free" sugar.

It’s a real, ‘rare sugar,’ but It only has 1/10th the calories, and none of the blood sugar impact of regular sugar, so it won’t knock you out of ketosis. It’s the one sugar you can have on Keto.  

If you’re counting your carbs on Keto (as you should!) you’ll want to consider the carbs you’re actually metabolizing, also known as NET CARBS. For all KNOW Better Foods, you can subtract allulose and fiber from the total carbs to get the Net Carbs (on most of our products, we’ve done the math for you, and it’s right there on the wrapper).

All KNOW Better Cookies have 3-6 Net Carbs depending on the flavor.

Calculating your Keto ratio

Rather than count carbs, a lot of people on ketogenic diets consider a food’s “keto ratio” instead. The keto ratio is the number of fat calories in a given food compared to the number of calories from all other sources. So, something that has 75% calories from fat (like an avocado or a Chocolate Chip KNOW Better Cookie) has 3 fat calories to every other calorie, which gives it a 3:1 Keto ratio. Something with 67% calories from fat would have a 2:1 ratio. For most people, eating meals and snacks with a 2:1 Keto Ratio is sufficient to stay in ketosis. All KNOW Better Cookies have at least a 3:1 Keto ratio, and we put it right there on the front of the wrapper to help you figure out which snacks are right for your diet.  

How to Keto Better with KNOW Foods

Swap out your favorite carb-heavy foods for Better versions instead. Start your day off strong with Keto-friendly KNOW Better waffles. Keep some KNOW Better Cookies on hand to satisfy your sweet tooth. Make a panini or a grilled cheese for lunch with KNOW Better slices, and crunch through a keto-liscious afternoon with KNOW Better thins. For a Better bedtime treat, try pairing a KNOW Better cookie with your favorite Keto-friendly ice cream. With our full assortment of Keto-friendly products, the possibilities are pretty endless. 


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