8 High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free, & Grain Free Breakfast Options That Actually Taste Delicious!

Breakfast is served. Doesn't this open face fried egg look absolutely delicious? You know you want this grain-free goodness for yourself! Get our KNOW Better Slices today! They're available now! Photo via the amazing @jenniferfisherjewelry


GF/ DF KNOW Better Chocolate Chip Waffles has TWELVE grams of protein! ??  carmelize some bananas & this is amazing. via @emjachetti

"I've never had a paleo bread or baked good that I enjoyed until my sweet bestie friend @sojjeh sent me a box of @knowfoods and said "you have to try this stuff, it's amazing". I rolled my eyes and threw it in my freezer and didn't touch it for like 3 weeks. I finally got around to trying the waffles and after one bite I said "what the what?!" You guys, everything from the bread to the waffles to muffins are absolutely delicious. This is not an ad, just passing along good stuff when I find it. Their bread is totally grain free, dairy, refined sugar and gluten free. They are super low calorie too. I think I found my new favorite product. I also totally snagged a bite off the corner before I took a picture ?" via Alex Thomopoulos KNOW Better Chocolate Chip Waffles


Served on KNOW Better Slices @nutella fresh from Italy with organic bananas & coconut from @wholefoods.


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Poached egg, avocado and tomatoes on our KNOW BETTER BUNS. Low carb, low sodium and high protein! Enjoy bread without the grains! Tag your friends that need this in their life!!! #knowbetterbread Photo via @jenniferfisherjewelry


#ToastTuesday with a side of yolk porn ? just the way I like it! Topped KNOW Better Buns paleo bread with avocado, basil and poached egg. Via @MadeSimpleBySarah


Sunday brunch (minus the gluten, grains, & refined sugar)! Completely obsessed with these low-carb, high-protein waffles by KNOW Better Waffles. via @thewellnessobsessive


KNOW Better Waffles - Taste great! Have you tried them yet? Made with Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips