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8 of Our Favorite Unique Fitness Activities

by Kate Itrich-Williams July 16, 2019

Climbing in Malibu Canyon

We may spend most of our days working at a desk, but here at KNOW Foods we also love to get up and move. (With KNOW Better Cookies in hand, of course!) And while many of us choose to get our exercise by running or weight lifting, we also get our kicks in other ways as well. 

Here are eight of our favorite unique fitness activities

Rock Climbing

Whether indoors or out, on a rope or without, rock climbing is my favorite sport. I started a few years ago, and it is now my most regular fitness activity, and one of the main things my husband and I plan our trips around. Climbing is great for muscle development and, when you're climbing a long route, can also be a great source of cardio exercise. It's also excellent for anyone who is goal-oriented and needs to feel accomplished when exercising. Of course, climbing is also super fun, and is a perfect place to meet other outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Death Metal Yoga

Sure, yoga is great on its own, but for those who need a little extra incentive (and who love this particular music genre), death metal yoga is a perfect alternative. You'll still get all your asanas in, but instead of chanting, you can howl along with Slayer. Community Solutionist Carla Helleck brought this one to our attention and it's now on the team outing list.

Michelle Roller Skating
Roller Skating

Graphic Designer Angela Scarola and Marketing Specialist Michelle Young are big fans of roller skating for both exercise and date nights. And yes, it's still just as fun as when you were 10. Roller skating is a great cardio workout, and balancing on those wheels also takes more core strength than you think.


Maybe it's not the most unique, but hiking is definitely one of the most accessible fitness activities there is. Operations Manager Josh Conner loves hiking with his kids, and just about everyone else in the office gets out on a trail every once in a while. When our VP Lauren Ramsey goes hiking, she calls it endurance hiking, so you know she's packing in the miles. And if you're craving more cardio with your hike, you can always strap on a backpack for extra weight or pull out your running shoes to get up the mountain at a (more) rapid clip.


Whether you're in Zumba or ballet, hip-hop or tango, dance classes — even intro ones — are not only excellent full-body workouts, they're also great for building confidence and meeting friends. I was a dancer for many years, and still miss the camaraderie built in my time spinning around on my tiptoes.


Another Carla Helleck hot tip, archery helps to build mental focus as well as upper body strength. I mean, have you even tried to pull back and hold the string on an archery bow while also taking perfect aim? Anyone with a competitive streak will enjoy the challenge of this sport, and pretending you're Legolas doesn't hurt either.


White Water Kayaking

Even more daring than rock climbing, but with just as many opportunities to visit beautiful locations, white water kayaking is also one of our favorite outdoor sports. Not only does it require both upper body and core strength, it also helps to get you out into wild and scenic spaces you can't see any other way. 

Virtual Reality Games

Prefer to get your exercise indoors? Carla is a big fan of virtual reality (VR) games like Beat Saber, a rhythm game full of ducks and squats, and Thrill of the Fight, a boxing simulator. Aaand now we've got "Eye of the Tiger" in our heads.

Photo (hero): Chris Voxland
Photo (roller skating): Courtesy of Michelle Young
Photo (kayaking): Roya Ann Miller/Unsplash

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