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My Food Freedom = Saying Yes Again

by Michelle Young July 04, 2019

KNOW Foods Team at Foundermade

As Americans, we're pretty proud of the fact that we live in a free country. We celebrate it every 4th of July. As Daily Show Correspondent Desi Lydic puts it: “We won a war 200 years ago and we’re still shooting off fireworks to shove it in Britain’s face.”

When we think about freedom, we most often think of American basics: freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the press, the right to assemble, the right to petition government. These are the rights our founding fathers bestowed upon us and that, throughout history, we have fought to keep. 

We say what we want, read and write what we want, pray to who we want, and we assemble and protest when we feel those rights are at risk. But as free as we are, and love to be, we tend to restrict ourselves every day. 

I get it. I, too, had removed bread, pancakes, waffles from my list of “okay to eat,” which means incomplete brunches and nonexistent sandwiches, not to mention saying no to cupcakes!

KNOW Better Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Last week, Lauren and I went to New York and exhibited at the FounderMade Consumer Discovery Show, an elite summit that features innovative consumer brands in wellness, beauty and food. Not to toot my own horn, buuut our booth was pretty awesome. We had a great spread that included toasted KNOW Better Waffles and Slices, along with a toppings bar with KNOW Better Chocolate Chips and Syrup, almond butter, guacamole, and cream cheese. Our booth was slammed from the moment the show opened until after it closed. We had a few stragglers still snacking while we were breaking it down. 

Visitor at FounderMade Booth

People would walk by and look at the delicious baked treats. An expression of longing would appear on their face. They wanted to try them, but they “knew” they couldn't have waffles with syrup or avocado toast. They had restricted themselves from those indulgences a long time ago.  

We’d say, “C’mon, have breakfast with us!” We’d share the benefits of our products, that they’re grain-free and gluten free with a low glycemic index. Our visitors’ expressions would change from sad to surprised to excited, if not a little skeptical. After all, gluten-free usually also equals taste-free. After having a bite, everyone's eyes widened. They’d cover their mouths while they’d try to tell us how delicious the food was while they were still chewing.

They couldn’t believe they were eating delicious, healthy waffles or bread. They couldn’t believe they were free to eat their favorite foods again. 

Have you considered the freedoms not guaranteed by our constitution? Like the freedom to eat what you want when you want?  

For me, a weight was lifted when I thought about how I could eat so many of my favorite foods again, foods I had been missing out on because of my lifestyle choices. When I fed all of our visitors at FounderMade, I got to see that weight being lifted over and over again. It was pretty special. 

How do you KNOW food freedom? Share your joy with us on Instagram for a chance to win a sweet lineup of cookies, swag, and more. See more details here

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