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9 Better-For-You Drink Recipes to Take You From Sunup to Sundown

by Kate Itrich-Williams July 26, 2019

Strawberry and Green Juice Smoothies

No matter if you prefer mocktails or cocktails, smoothies or sweet tea, the one ingredient you should be adding to all of your non-water drinks is KNOW Better Sweetener. (Shout out to water! We love you too!) Our drinks recipe collection is growing, and we're excited to share with you some of the new concoctions we've been stirring and blending up.

Do you have a favorite drink that you've been saying "no" to lately? Reach out to us at here and we'll put it on our to-test list.

Dairy-Free Strawberry Coconut Smoothies

There are few smoothies simpler than this mix of fresh strawberries, coconut milk, and chia seeds. The coconut milk thickens and enriches the smoothie, while the chia seeds help to thicken while still keeping the final smoothie relatively low in carbs. If you're following a strict Keto Diet, you'll likely want to divide this smoothie into four servings to keep the macros in check — it'll make for a great dessert this way! If you're not on a strict macros plan, then go ahead and pour yourself a big one.

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Green Juice Smoothies

Love green juice but want a little more heft in your breakfast drink? This healthy fat-filled smoothie is your answer. Made from spinach, avocado, cucumber, and a few surprises, this is one smoothie that won't let you down before lunch. Just like green juice, it's also dairy-free and vegan, and is suitable for those on a Keto Diet.

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Iced Coffee Recipe

KNOW Better Iced Coffee

Served black, iced coffee is perfectly suitable for just about any dietary lifestyle. However, when was the last time you actually enjoyed drinking black iced coffee? We thought so. To make sure our iced coffee still has balanced sweetness and a hint of richness, we've made our favorite summertime pick-me-up with KNOW Better Syrup (dissolves like a dream!) and a touch of heavy cream. (You can feel free to use the dairy or dairy alternative of your choice.) All that's left is the ice!

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Sweet Tea Recipe

KNOW Better Sweet Tea

You don't have to turn down sweet tea anymore. When you make classic Southern sweet tea using KNOW Better Sweetener, you get all the flavor of the classic summertime sipper without the sugar crash. We can't promise anything about the caffeine, though.

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KNOW Better Lemonade

KNOW Better Lemonade

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade minus the sugar crash. We've developed this recipe using a simple syrup made with KNOW Better Sweetener so it'll have all the flavor of your kids' favorite summer drink, but without the inevitable tantrum that follows. Make it your own by infusing herbs and other flavors into the syrup — mint, thyme, and even additional lemon zest will all complement the drink.

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Blackberry Mojito

Lower Sugar Blackberry Mojito

Say cheers to summer with this lower-sugar version of a classic mojito. We've added color with a bit of fresh blackberry, and sweetened this rum-based drink with a mint simple syrup made from KNOW Better Sweetener. If you prefer traditional flavors, feel free to omit the blackberry. Our mojito may still contain some sugar from the rum, but we can promise this drink is lighter than what you'd find in a typical cocktail.

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Arnold Palmers

KNOW Better Arnold Palmers

What do you get when you mix sweet tea and lemonade? Only one of the best summer refreshers in the South — the Arnold Palmer. Named after the legendary golfer, the drink isn't limited to Southerners, of course. Anyone can enjoy this drink, especially when it is made with KNOW Better Sweetener instead of sugar. You'll get all of the delicious flavor of the original, but without the sugar crash.

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Big Batch Margaritas with Allulose

Lower Sugar Big-Batch Margaritas

Pass the guacamole! Our KNOW Better Margaritas may not exactly count as health foods, but they're certainly healthier when they're made with KNOW Better Sweetener (aka allulose). This twist on big-batch margaritas has all the flavor of the classic drink, but with a little less sugar. 

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KNOW Better Old Fashioned Cocktail

KNOW Better Old Fashioned Cocktail

Like our margarita, you're not going to confuse this cocktail for a healthy drink, but it is certainly healthier than a traditional Old Fashioned since we've made it using KNOW Better Sweetener. This twist has all the flavor of the classic drink, but with a little less sugar. 

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