KNOW Foods + SnackNation = Major Win

by KNOW TEAM June 05, 2019

KNOW Foods + SnackNation = Major Win

This month, we're excited to be partnering with SnackNation, the healthy snack delivery company for homes and offices. Their snack curation experts have chosen KNOW Better Chocolate Chip Cookies to be among other great healthful snacks showcased in their boxes around the country. 

This means that health and wellness-focused consumers from around the country will get to taste test one of our favorite cookie flavors and give us feedback so we can continue to improve our brand. (Sounds like a win-win to us!)

Not one of the chosen SnackNation recipients? Don't fret — you can always continue to find KNOW Better Cookies right here alongside all of our other better-for-you cookies, waffles and more.


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