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How Lele of @Ketofy.me Uses KNOW Better Foods to Manage Her Diabetes

by KNOW TEAM November 05, 2018

KNOW Better Cookies

by Lele Jaro (@ketofy.me)

Being a Type 2 Diabetic can be complicated but knowing what foods you can eat *really* helps! I usually try to eat more whole foods than snacks on the Keto Diet, but there are days when I want something sweet. I hate to admit that I have a sweet tooth and it’s definitely a weakness of mine -- especially donuts! If you have been following me for a while, I test my glucose regularlyto make sure the levels stable throughout the day. I use intermittent fasting on most days to help regulate my glucose.

Going back to eating snacks, it’s important to know what your body reacts to. For this test, I decided to try out the new KNOW Better Peanut Butter Cookies. I wanted to share my ketones and glucose numbers as a Type 2 Diabetic. Everyone’s body is different, of course, and this is just *MY* own experience with these cookies.

Know Better Cookies are soft and delicious, gluten- and grain-free, and Keto- and Paleo- friendly. The texture is a little different like your normal cookie. It’s like if a Cookie & a brownie had a baby — this would be it. 

Their label may confuse you — it says that the cookie contains 15 grams of sugar — but that sugar is allulose, which is sugar-free sugar with a low glycemic impact. It’s a low-calorie sugar substitute and doesn’t get metabolized by our bodies. Instead, it gets absorbed in the small intestine and excreted out by urine. Due to this process, it doesn’t spike insulin/glucose levels.

Now that I’ve (somewhat) explained what allulose is, here are the final results that I’m very happy to share with you!\


Glucose tests before and after eating

My first bite was at 9:03 am this morning. I tried to time my glucose tests 1 to 1 1/2 and 2 hours later. For me, the final results are always 2 hours after the first bite.

As you can see, my glucose levels didn’t spike or show a big change. And of course, these are my own numbers, but I’ve tested KNOW Better Foods before (more than once), and the results are the same for me. To be honest, glucose levels are much more important than ketone levels to me. Having my sugar spike can be dangerous and has a lot of side effects. But, I know a lot of you want to know if the cookies kick you out of ketosis. Up next is my ketone test!

Ketone tests before and after eating

I usually test my ketones in the morning because it gives me a baseline for the day. Your ketones are lowest in the morning (supposedly). What’s interesting about KNOW Better Foods is that I actually had a higher Ketone reading after eating the cookie. While I do check my ketones almost daily, I prefer using it for reasons like this. Testing your blood glucose is important and checking your ketones is optional, but it helps!

Does the KNOW Better Peanut Butter Cookie Pass?

OH YESSSS. It does!

I can’t deny these numbers. I love how the cookie didn’t spike my blood sugar and didn’t kick me out of Ketosis. This tells me that I can eat these cookies in moderation, without having to worry about having to re-test every time I eat them. I’ve tested them before and had nearly the same result.

Thank you KNOW Better Foods for creating something yummy and delicious for Type 2 Diabetics like me! If you want to read more, head to my blog at https://ketofy.me.

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