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Going to the Grocery Store Makes Me Cry

by Lauren Ramsey June 24, 2019

Typical American Grocery Store Aisles

I recently took my 10 year old son into the local conventional grocery store chain to grab a few items for him.

This would be the first summer where he would be experiencing some major independence by feeding himself throughout the day at home while my husband and I work. I tried to prepare him by asking him to make good selections, choose whole foods, things that come from the earth.

As we weaved ourselves from area to area — me trying to stay on the exterior, him going up and down the aisles, it became abundantly clear that this was not going to be a great experience for either one of us. He would say “How about this,” and I would shake my head and say, “Read the label. If there are a ton of words that you don’t understand then it is not from the earth.”

This conversation was repeated multiple times throughout the store, and each time both my son and me would grow more frustrated. For him, it was because I kept saying no and me because I am appalled at how many items in the grocery store were not actually food.

We grabbed a few items that we both agreed on, and in some cases compromised on, and checked out.

When we walked out of the store I noticed that he and I were both crying. He was crying because he felt punished. For me, it was because it’s heart breaking knowing that what he sees as food is just sugar-laden, chemical-filled synthetic garbage, and that giving these types of food to him means I am fundamentally contributing to his inability to learn and to focus — much less helping to create an environment in his body that would make him more prone to metabolic disorders.

It is unacceptable to me that companies are allowed to call the majority of what is on grocery shelves food. Even worse are the ridiculous marketing claims they make on their packaging in an attempt to convince parents and children that these garbage-filled products are healthy.

This is criminal and it’s a big fat lie. It’s time for a change.

know better cookies and cupcakes

Since the 1970s childhood obesity rates have increased by over 500 percent. Today in the U.S., 34 million children — that’s one in three kids — are obese. Additionally the ADHD diagnosis has skyrocketed. In both cases, highly processed, sugar-laden and grain-based foods are known contributors to both epidemics.

This is why I am so passionate about my work at KNOW Foods. Our mission is to be your worry-free brand — free from sugar spikes, free from inflammatory ingredients, and free from concern.

We’ve developed delicious, healthful alternatives to your everyday favorite foods, allowing everyone to enjoy eating without compromising on taste, ingredients, or simplicity.

Made from allergen-free superfoods that are low-carb and have a low glycemic index, our products allow consumers of all lifestyles and dietary needs to experience food freedom, from breakfast to dinner — and every snack in between.

Why now? The better-for-you food industry is also growing at a rapid rate. New food companies are disrupting Big Food by bringing innovative products, made with high-quality and clean ingredients, to market every day. Yet these companies have still not been able to unlock the key to solving the issue of chronic disease, which affects millions of people around the world today.

I believe KNOW Foods is that game-changer.

Not only are our products made from delicious, allergen-free superfoods, we take care to craft each of our foods to have minimal glycemic impact. Our not-so-secret secret lies in making grain-free recipes using a natural sweetener called alluose. Allulose behaves just like traditional sugar and tastes like traditional sugar, but does not  affect the body like sugar.

Our products give all kinds of eaters — including my son — the freedom to eat their favorite foods, without any complaints from Mom.

Lead Photo: Peter Bond/Unsplash

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