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For our marketing coordinator, burgers are all about the toppings — and buns

by Michelle Young June 25, 2019

KNOW Better Buns

My husband Alex and I stopped eating meat about 7 years ago. Technically, we’re pescatarians, but most of our meals are basically vegetarian.

We weren’t huge red meat eaters in the first place but, on rare occasions, we’d splurge on fall off the bone barbecue or devour double patties from restaurants known for their burgers. As a matter of fact, when deciding if I'd order a burger, I’d often ask the server if he’d request this particular one as a last meal on death row. If the answer was no, I’d choose something else.  

Honestly, these days, I don’t miss eating meat. Sure, juicy burgers look delicious and tempting but pretty much every restaurant out there has a veggie burger of some sort that fills the void. And to me, it's the toppings that make the burger anyway. 

Then came along those plant-based burgers that were supposed to taste exactly like meat. At first, I didn’t want to try them — they didn’t sound appetizing. The fact that they “bleed like a real burger” grossed me out. But, eventually I gave in at a restaurant in LA and ordered an Impossible Burger. I thought it was pretty good.

Burgers with KNOW Better Buns

Fast forward a few months later. I’m working at KNOW and taking home some of our products to try them out. I grabbed a package of KNOW Better Buns and headed to the store to buy Beyond Meat burgers. 

Alex fired up the grill and cooked the burgers then threw on the buns for a couple of minutes. We topped our burgers with our favorite stuff (Alex goes for a fried egg, avocado, blue cheese crumbles and dressing and I go for the works) and capped them off with the buns. 

Those burgers with those buns were delicious. I think we were both surprised at how good they turned out. It’s been forever since we had grilled burgers, with actual buns, at home. The burgers were great but the buns were the real surprise. They weren’t just two pieces of bread that held everything together — the buns added both flavor and texture. The buns made the burger.  

We grilled out again, tonight, and I made shrimp burgers for a twist. I roasted sweet and spicy sweet potato fries as a side and coleslaw to add to our list of toppings. Next on the list? Salmon burgers and some sautéed mushrooms. All, of course, on KNOW Better Buns. It's getting ridiculous but stayin' delicious.

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