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9 Actually Useful Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts

by Kate Itrich-Williams June 11, 2019

KNOW Breakfast foods

There are only a few shopping days left to find the perfect Father's Day gift. And while we're sure you've read (or skimmed) plenty of gift guides, we think you can go ahead and just ignore those. That's right — these 9 last-minute gifts are all things we think your dad will actually use, whether he's into cooking, adventuring or just hitting the gym.

For the Dad who already KNOWs better: KNOW Foods Subscription

We may be biased, but we think a subscription of any of our products is the gift that keeps on giving. No matter if your dad is a cookie fiend or a waffle hound, a recurring delivery of his favorite foods will keep him happy for months to come.

Read more about our Subscribe and Save Program

For the dad who loves to play in the dirt: Exotic Vegetables Growing Kit

If Dad has a green thumb (or just wishes he did), pick up one of these exotic vegetable growing kits to bring some color to his garden. Stocked with non-GMO seeds for purple carrots, black corn, yellow cucumbers, and romanesco broccoli, this kit is the perfect Dad-kid project. 

Try it out on Amazon

For the Dad who is always ready for nap time: ENO Camping Hammock

Let Dad get a bit of alone time on your next outdoor trip by giving him the gift of a lightweight, collapsable hammock. This bad boy will also fit into a trail backpack, so if Dad needs even more alone time, he can pack it for a solo trek.

Check it out at REI

For the dad who takes his coffee black: Trade Coffee Subscription

If there was one subscription we'd join that isn't our own, it'd be this coffee delivery service from Trade. If Dad can't start his day without two cups of single origin coffee, he'll flip out over this gift.

See all the plans at Trade

KNOW Better Cake Mix made into Carrot Cake

For the Dad who loves a good cake: KNOW Foods Muffin and Cake Mix

Prefer your gifts to be a little more homemade? Put in an order for a bag or two of our cake mix and bake a better-for-him cake yourself. We've got a recipe for carrot cake if that's his jam, or just stick to plain ol' chocolate chip. Don't forget the frosting!

Shop Muffin and Cake Mix

For the dad who loves his breakfast blended: Ninja Countertop Blender

Make your dad's morning smoothie even more convenient with the gift of an ultra-powerful bullet-style blender. This countertop blender from Ninja can puree any fruit and vegetable in seconds, and the included travel lids will keep all of that goodness contained as he heads out for his morning commute.

See it in action at Amazon

For the dad who dreams in green: "Off the Grid: Houses for Escape" Book

This collection of sustainable architecture projects from around the world is perfect for any dad who dreams of making his home LEED certified. Not only are the homes featured in this book self-sustaining, they're also drop dead gorgeous.

Get the book on Amazon

For the dad who always knows his heartbeat: Fitbit Versa Special Edition

If Dad is obsessed with tracking his fitness but still has yet to bite the bullet on a smart watch, 2019 is the year. This smart watch combines the best of Fitbit with the sleek elegance of the (more expensive) Apple Watch. It'll even track his laps in the pool, if he's into that kind of thing.

Purchase from Fitbit

For the dad who is always seeking the next great workout : Smart Jump Rope

For a dad who loves cardio but gets bored running day in and day out (real talk), consider the gift of jumping ... rope that is. This LED-embedded smart jump rope displays Dad's stats while he's jumping, and it'll even sync up to his phone so he can track his improvement over time.

Check it out at AHAlife

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