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5 Reasons to Start Using KNOW Better Sweetener

by Kate Itrich-Williams August 07, 2019

KNOW Better Sweetener and Carrot Cake

If you've spent any time on our website or social channels, you know that our team needs zero convincing on the benefits of KNOW Better Sweetener. Made from 100% allulose, our sweetener shows up in all of our products and many of our recipes. 

But we know that you may not yet be sold on the stuff. We get it — there are plenty of alternative sweeteners out there, and you may not understand why you should choose a new favorite.

So we're going to put it to you straight with our top five reasons why you should add a bag of KNOW Better Sweetener to your pantry today.

It tastes like sugar

Seriously. Many other alternative sweeteners promise great taste but, let's be real, they make some sacrifices — like a bitter flavor or cooling aftertaste — in order to meet their nutritional promise. But because KNOW Better Sweetener is made from allulose, a rare, naturally occurring, non-GMO sugar, it tastes, well, like sugar. 

It doesn't affect your body like sugar

Even though it is technically a sugar, allulose is not metabolized as a source of energy. This means that it has no impact on blood sugar or insulin and it has only 10 percent of the caloric impact as table sugar. (Want to read more? Check out the details of the FDA's analysis of allulose here.) 

It bakes like sugar

Unlike liquid sugar substitutes that are more concentrated or powders that are far less sweet, you can make a 1 to 1 swap between traditional granulated sugar and allulose. And we aren't just saying this to convince you. We've proven it, even to ourselves, by baking all kinds of treats. From deeply chocolate brownies to homemade cookies and even salted caramels, KNOW Better Sweetener works like a dream.

Caramels made with Allulose

It dissolves like sugar

This may sound a little random, but when you're using KNOW Better Sweetener in your morning coffee, iced tea, or even cocktails, you don't want to end up with tiny crystals hanging out in the bottom of your cup. But, just like granulated sugar, you can dissolve our Sweetener into syrups and hot drinks with ease.

It fits into any lifestyle

Since it has zero net carbs, KNOW Better Sweetener is a perfect addition to a Keto Diet, but it's not just for those counting their macros. And because it's a natural sugar, it can fit into a Paleo lifestyle, and it is perfect for diabetics or anyone keeping a close eye on their metabolism. However, even those who aren't on any particular diet can benefit from using KNOW Better Sweetener. Low glycemic impact foods, like allulose, help to keep your energy stable throughout the day, and when they taste this great, why not add them to your pantry?

KNOW Better Slice with Allulose Almond Butter and Blueberries

Ready to start using allulose? You can buy it right here.

Read more about why we love allulose.

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